Why do you support Breakthrough?

I really appreciate that Breakthrough is a ministry that cares for a community, not just for a group of people. Breakthrough works to improve all of East Garfield Park through transforming lives. Education is very important to me and Breakthrough does a wonderful job of helping children and adults excel. The programs that Breakthrough offers like preschool, after school and robotics are wonderful resources, especially since the Chicago Public School system is so sadly broken. Children and young adults need viable education alternatives to what under-resourced neighborhoods and failing schools provide.

Breakthrough is a full-service, God-centered resource to a community in need.  If you need health care, clothes, food, psychological support, or to be embraced by a loving community… it is all there at Breakthrough. Breakthrough does an excellent job of identify needs, and filling gaps. I prefer giving hand-ups as opposed to giving handouts. I support Breakthrough because they are giving a big hand-up to the community. 

Why are you choosing planned giving as an option to support Breakthrough?
I was the executor of both of my parents' estates. And I thought, how sad is it for some people, that you wait until you die before you show that you love and care for a person or a cause through a gift. Why not give that gift while you are here?  Why not enjoy watching them use that gift?  I don’t want to wait until my death to give Breakthrough a monetary gift. I'd rather give Breakthrough the gift now. After all, it’s God's money and I just want to be a good steward over it. I want to put it to work for kingdom purposes now so it can start having an immediate impact in the community. And just think of the type of impact it could have during my remaining years here on earth.